Building Descriptions

The company I interned at this summer had the pleasure of naming a building. After coming up with names and picking our favorites, I got to write some fun, short descriptions that were actually used to pitch the names to the client. The direction the client wanted us to go in was focusing on the neighborhood, BAM in Brooklyn. That they are representing the New Brooklyn. And that the residents would have VIP caliber amenities.

Here’s the descriptions:


Homage to the funky and beloved author of  the late 1800s. Oscar Wilde was an eccentric man that was constantly pushing boundaries. The name is a perfect fit for the artsy neighborhood of BAM. The Wilde would be the classiest place to live in Brooklyn, with amenities that are over the top, extravagant, and absolutely wild. All the while maintaining the neighborhood’s strong tradition of cutting edge art that, like the building’s residents, are always pushing the limits.


Just as an outstanding performance draws spontaneous appreciation from its audience, so too can a residence. The residents of BAM, and Brooklyn in general, are no stranger to great performances, being active participants in art. Ovation would be a building worthy of their appreciation, the name refers to the wonderful arts scene while also being a reminder that only the truly great ones are worthy of an ovation. The building, as well as its residents, can look forward to a lifetime filled with rapturous applause and praise.

Scene 29:

This building is the scene. With the hippest music, events, views, and amenities. Scene 29 is not only the place to be seen, it is the building to live in. In the greatest scene in Brooklyn. The BAM district is a place for great culture, and art. The building name alludes to this art scene as well as the address of the building in 29. The hippest scene in Brooklyn lives in Scene 29, it is a place to be seen for up and coming professionals. If all the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players, Scene 29 is where the world’s finest talent converge.

The One:

You look across from where you are and see the object of your affections, and at once you know. This is what happens when you meet the one. This building is The One, its beauty and grace is unprecedented in its residents eyes. They know they live in the number one building in Brooklyn, and they are not shy about boasting about how lucky they have been to have found The One. The one that they can share their live with, that no one could ever come between and that they will forever cherish. Resident’s friends will look on in envy as they wish they could be a part of such a life-changing love affair.


Within a world where the best breakfast is served at Egg, and analog record players are favored over iPods. Minimalism and simplicity are qualities cherished by the burgeoning hipster culture that began in Brooklyn. While the dictionary definition of shelter may be the bare minimum one would require from their apartment, shelter would only be the beginning of what this building would offer them. With such a simplistic name, we let the residents define the building for themselves and let them shape it to be not only everything they could need, but give them the space to make it everything they want.

The Collective: 

The Collective is a place where elite musical and artistic talents converge, feasting on all the inspiration that the neighborhood and their new neighbors have to offer. The Collective immediately suggests that this building is more than a random assortment of people. It is a collection, a building that has its own community of people who are creating and participating in art. It is an exclusive, and desirable community to be a part of. A collective of people who are the most influential, most trendy,  and most successful in Brooklyn, all under one roof. Anyone who wants to be a part of something bigger, wants to be a part of The Collective.

b Flats:

A fun and trendy allusion to both the music scene that is prominent in the BAM district, as well as to apartment spaces, in flats. This clever name relates easily to Brooklyn, the ‘b’ representative of either Brooklyn or BAM, and the name suggestive of the street, Flatbush, on which the building is located. Not only that, but flats harkens to a more hip, European living space that has become very desirable. With b flats, it’s all relative.

*my suggestion

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