Famous Brands

First up, McDonalds. I was surprised that I couldn’t find an ad like this when I looked for it. But I couldn’t so I’m going to take credit.

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Next, Nike. I played around with some headlines: Make History, Make an Impact, Make it Count. But it looks better with only “Just Do It”

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Positions of Power


To show that the brand I arbitrarily chose, Hefty, was the strongest of all the trash bags. To do this I put the trash bags in positions of power.

Positions such as arresting and catching a bad-guy, being the muscles on a body builder, addressing the country as the president of the USA, and as Donald Trump. Donald Trump because we could finally put his hair where it belongs (I know it’s drawn poorly, but that is supposed to be his hair at the top of the pile of garbage [like a king of all the garbage] in the trash bag)

Those are some big kid weights

Cleaning up the streets- Ha!

Socially Acceptable Cheese Torture

I played off a concept that… well, I made it up! But, if you think about it (REALLY THINK ABOUT IT) the way we eat string cheese is pretty inhumane and cruel. Just ripping it to shreds and what not. Poor string cheese, they never saw it coming, yet they never complain. This is for you, string cheese.

**Speculative ad for string cheese

I found this second one more difficult to draw (as any talentless artist eventually gets tired of pretending their shapes are comprehensible). But the string cheese is mourning, and she is wearing a black veil while looking into an open casket. The graves read, “Mike piece 1,” “Mike piece 2,” “Mike piece 3,” etc. etc. All right, I will shut up now.

Pay your respects!

If this were actually a thing it would be fun to redesign the packaging as a jail cell. Just ideas, you know.