We all want everything now

But do you need it now?


To illustrate the benefits of a video on demand service. The biggest benefit is that you don’t need to go anywhere or wait for your movies to come in the mail. You just turn on your TV and pick what you want to watch.

I did a storyboard for this campaign. It would look a lot more impressive if I knew how to draw, but thanks for trying to follow along!

this is a storyboard. drawn by Monet, obviously.

The movie 'Monster' is going to be on repeat. And yes, I can be hired to draw all your corridors.


Happily Hearty


To make people aware of a specific operation that a client at my internship offered. Staten Island University Hospital offers a less invasive heart procedure that only requires 3 incisions. 3 lines; perfect amount for a smiley face.

Look at those perfect areolas. And I said I couldn’t draw!

The tagline is “Minimally Heartbreaking–Minimally Invasive”

Even More Free


To get people interested in a bank that was offering more than just your run-of-the-mill free business checking. When you signed up for an account, you received some cash and a laptop.

Thus, the idea was born that you were getting even more than free.

Hey, that bird’s wearing a top hat, cool.

Copy: When free business checking is paired with a notebook and cash, it's like a bird with a fancy top hat. It's even more than free.

Copy: When free business checking is paired with a free notebook and cash, it's like when a naked dude gets some naked buddies. It's even more free.